Eco Friendly Production

We source the products from the manufacturers and suppliers that follow the manufacturing process for environmental-friendly process and follow ethical policy.

What does W.R.A.P certified meaning?

  • Ethical Manufacturing
  • Lawfully workplace regulations
  • Safe Eco-friendly Environment
  • Health and Safety Procedure

What does OEKO-TEX® meaning?

  • Ecological socially responsible textile production
  • The manufacturing process in sustainable working condition

What does Sedex® mean?

  • Driving improvements in ethical responsible
  • Guidance and manage risks in global supply chain

We will always provide the clothing that are met with W.R.A.P, OEKO-TEX® and Sedex® certification and guidelines.

Our ring spun cotton garments are softer, durable and long lasting quality. The cotton yarn is twisted and strands to make fine, strong and soft fibers.

The fabrics are printed and dyed using less water, eco-friendly production and where they practice humanitarian workforce guidelines.

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