About Us

SuperpraiseChristian is a family owned Clothing Company aiming to spread good news message of the Bible through a primary need of everyone - clothing. We have grown from very humble beginnings in a small office space to an internationally online Christian T-shirt store.

Our designs are made to bring and proclaim the Gospel to the world and promote peace and unity right from the family which is both the fundamental unit of society as well as enlarging the Jesus’ family. With the world and our lives changing at speeds never before experienced and an increasing rate in family break-up, we thought it is time we promote and strengthen our families with the Truth and positive messages from the word of God; as a result SuperpraiseChristian.com was birthed.

We at Superpraise Christian have many years of experience in fashion line, prints and selling high quality clothes. We are able to ship globally and always thrive to give 100% customer services. We work hard to be creative and come out with the best concepts. Wearing Christian Tshirts is a fabulous way to preach the Gospel, showing one's faith and your love for Jesus and even promote unity and bond among family members. If you are online for a unique Christian T-shirts, you have come to the right place to choose from our hundreds of fashionable Christian clothing suitable for everyone – Mum, Dad, Kids, Friends, Relatives etc.

We aim at passing messages through our clothing line in a sumptuous way- without the cost attached. Here at Superpraise Christian Tees, it is not ‘business as usual’. We believe in Fair-trade, we source our products from certified suppliers. We also give back to the society and families and bring the smile back.

Whatever you’re looking for, Gospel, Faith, Grace and Love of Christ or you wanted Christian Tshirts that send a very specific message, you’ll find everything you need at www.superpraisechristian.com. There is something for everyone as we continually update our selection.

Don't hesitate to Contact Us with suggestions you may have to serve you better or looking for some design idea that you can’t find in our store.

Thank you for dropping-by. Have a great shopping on our site.