Christian Face Mask

Why Believers Wear Christian Face Mask

Christian Face Mask

Before his ascension, Christ gave his disciples an instruction. They were to head out to the nations and tell everyone about the good news of salvation. This is what is widely known as the great commission. As Christians, we are instructed to use every opportunity to tell our neighbours and friends about the love of God.

During this pandemic season, there is limited interaction. The governing bodies and health organizations advise a minimum distance of 1.5meters from other people to prevent the rapid spread of coronavirus, and a phenomenon called flattening the curve. While effective, it leaves us Christians at an impasse on how to evangelize without social interaction by wearing Christian Mask.

Face masks were initially introduced to prevent the spread of harmful coronavirus particles. These became effective when an infected person sneezes or coughs, and the mask prevented the one from inhaling or spreading the virus while out in public. However, they have lately been the foremost important media sharing platform allowing for messages to be passed on. Nowadays, we see the masks engraved with a variety of messages, including famous lines from pop culture films.

 Yet as Christians, we are encouraged to use all means in spreading the Gospel. In Romans 10:15, we understand that Paul calls the legs of the evangelists beautiful. Likewise, shall we not have beautiful faces when we use face covering masks to spread the Gospel? Today we have the option of spreading the good news by merely looking. Facemasks offer a great platform to remind people of various Bible messages as Jesus loves.

As Christians, we are obliged to use any legal means to spread the Good News of Christ. This includes masks we wear every day. Research shows that the average person has a chance of interacting with at least 27.000 new people per year. This means that by appearance alone, we have an opportunity to evangelizing to 27000 people. 

We can take this opportunity to use our masks and spread the good news of Christ and encourage someone. There are a variety of options available from the SuperpraiseChristian store, including the Faith Over Fear mask; the Faith Hope Love mask; the Shalom face mask; the Faith face mask; the Jesus is King face mask; the Hope face mask, and my personal favourite the God is Greater than the Highs and the Lows face mask. Grab one today from Super Praise and keep safe as you evangelize all day every day.

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