How Sweet the Name of Jesus

How Sweet the Name of Jesus

Time and again, we get instances in life where our faith is put to the test. These circumstances ruffle our weakest points to see if our deeds match up to our declarations as Christians. If it were not so, our faith would not be tested. However, it recently struck my mind that we need to be tested in our belief if we are already Christian? I mean, we do know that our trust is in God. Therefore why is there a strain and constant hustle of temptation? The more I thought about it, the more I came to appreciate the name of Jesus through scripture from 2nd Peter 2:9. Here's the story of how that came to be. 

A few weeks ago, while sitting on my patio, I gazed out into the distance and wondered what the eventual need end of temptation is. If, as Christians, do we get a one-time deal of Christianity and what is the importance of being a temptation. Yet the more I pondered on this topic in prayer, the more I came to see the goodness of Jesus. At the time. I had just finished a good run off of favorable outcomes, my ventures picked up a bunch, and my projects kept falling in place like little Lego pieces. However, it wasn't foreseen that right as Pharaoh saw seven fat cows and seven lean ones, there was still was a low season to come. 

What A Beautiful Name of Jesus

This is a typical example of the good times we get as Christians.  Solomon tells us of seasons in Ecclesiastes; there's a time for everything, an auspicious time when everything effortlessly works and a not so much desired season. On a personal level, this season was a very successful one, and I thought I would sing God's goodness forever. However, just as winter follows summer, so does a tough season follow a seemingly good one. 

Refreshing back on the biblical narrative, we can see a similar situation in Job's life. Job's tale starts with a successful run as being a blessed believer enjoying God's provision. I mean, if Job lived in our current day, he would easily be among the world's most prosperous, sharing circles with Jeff Bezos and the rest. In the narrative, we see Job's good run turning to ashes in an instant. His massive shift from a lifestyle of grace to grass. In such a short period, it is unappreciated to this day. However, it serves as an example of our daily struggle with understanding seasons. 

Funny still, my circumstance is tied back to Job's example, though not as drastic as his. At that time, a lot of things come to a halt gradually. The once set system of fortitude against lack did not last as I expected. So here I was sitting down pondering why it was so, and the thoughts came to mind. If God is so loving, why did he let my efforts dry up? Such questions came up frequently at a tough time, and they nearly succeeded in making me question God's goodness in our lives. Mercy! 

It was at this time that I stumbled upon the How Sweet is the Name of Jesus T-Shirt, and it challenged my mind. If Jesus is good, why was I going through tough times? This topic led me to realize that as a Christian, I am required to maintain my faith. Our faith in Jesus is not a one-time subscription but a daily one that should grow come what may. In these seasons, we realized that low times come to test our fealty in what we believe in. 

If we treated the academic sector like our Christianity, we would have a one-time elementary exam at the elementary level that would set the level henceforth. There'll be no need for more exams. However, just like the academic struggle, we get regular tests to keep us on track and remember not to lose focus on essential Jesus. Looking back at his word, Jesus promised tough times ahead of us, and no one is exempted. However, he also promises that he will not leave us nor forsake us when facing tough times and situations. This, for me, solidifies the matter of How Sweet Is the Name of Jesus. 

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